ASR Debt Shares, LLC

Offering Highlights


 *Prioritized Preferred Distribution paid monthly. The principal returned at the end of the term. e.g. $100k investment expected to yield $124,000 at term.

ASR Debt Shares II, LLC

ASR Debt Shares II, LLC (“ASR Debt”) has organized a lending pool that is raising funds to make loans secured by performing debts acquired and rehabilitated from third-party vendors. ASR Debt interests are being offered through a Reg D, Rule 506(c) Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to Accredited Investors only. 

ASR Debt has identified an attractive lending opportunity by making secured loans to Elevation Capital Partners, LLC (ECP), a private investment firm. The principals at ECP have over 20 years’ experience in the debt settlement industry by purchasing non-performing consumer debts obtaining work-out and payment plans with the borrowers. ASR Debt is making loans to ECP and, in turn, ECP pays ASR Debt interest and then principal at 36 months or earlier.  ASR Debt then pays its members, which is expected to return an 8% annual rate to investors, with distributions paid monthly!


The investment is secured by performing debts that ECP has acquired and reached payment plans with the borrowers. The debts are held in a trust that ASR Debt and ECP co-manage. ASR Debt files documents to place itself in a first lien position. In the event of loan default, the trust terms restrict distributions to ECP in order to prioritize the debts due to ASR Debt. Additionally, ECP backs the principal and preferred distributions through corporate promissory notes.

The ASR Advantage

ASR Alternative Investments, LP (ASR), has provided financial professionals with alternative investment and retirement solutions for their clients since 2005. ASR prides itself on its long-standing record of transparency with its investors. Their proactive approach to investing while integrating third-party oversight to the products they offer continues to solidify the company's integrity.